You Can Repair Your Blind

mature couple dancing in a room after blind repair with slats and valances

Blind repair – It’s an easy DIY home improvement project! Add blind repair to the list of things you can do yourself! Whether you have a blind or set of blinds that have broken or worn slats, Or, you are missing valances, there is a solution besides replacing the blind, or blinds. You can repair your […]

Wood / Faux Wood / Venetian Blind Diagram

2 inch horizontal wood, faux wood and venetian blind diagram with useful part terms

Use the above blind diagram to identify window blind terminology Seen in this blind diagram example is a 2″ faux wood blind with a valance, but the same parts and functionality are seen in wood, Venetian, and mini blinds. The names listed in this blind diagram, appear as they are commonly known, but can vary […]

How to Measure for Valances

how to measure for a blind valance inside mount

Measuring for, and replacing valances is easy… To measure for replacement blind valances, you’ll need a metal tape measure. Tape measures usually come in both Imperial Units (feet, inches, etc.) and metric (meters, centimeters, etc.), with additional unit breakdowns for further accuracy. In this example below we will use Imperial (American) units. On most metal tape measures, […]

Measuring Route Holes in Blind Slats

hand measuring with an extended tape measure

Grab your tape measure and let’s get started… In order to buy custom replacement blind slats to repair your blind, an accurate measure is needed of the route holes. Blind route holes are measured from the left of the slat when facing the blind. For accuracy, we will be measuring to the 1/16th of an […]

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