Blind repair – It’s an easy DIY home improvement project!

Add blind repair to the list of things you can do yourself! Whether you have a blind or set of blinds that have broken or worn slats, Or, you are missing valances, there is a solution besides replacing the blind, or blinds. You can repair your blind! At Blind Slats, we sell wood and faux wood replacement slats and valances, that are made to your specifications. Here’s how it works:

  • Find a match to your blind in our product gallery – Free color samples can be mailed to you if desired.
  • Order your custom slats and/or valances using our easy to follow instruction.
  • Then, when your products arrive, repair your blind.

What is great about the advent of home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes, is that our culture has become more use to do-it-yourself projects. More people than ever are fixing household items than ever before, and this trend is becoming more common. What is also becoming more common is that consumers are turning to the Internet to find items not usually carried by the big box home improvement stores. Companies like us are springing up all over the Internet to provide these types of items. This is a boon to all consumers, and as purchasing over a website becomes more common and user-friendly, this will make improvement and repair projects of all types, easier than ever! And, yes, even blind repair. Blinds function using fairly basic systems. As described in this blind diagram, much of the same functionality is the same.

Custom products, such as replacement blind slats and replacement blind valances are a trend that will continue to grow. It wasn’t that long ago that, about 20 years, when you couldn’t find many companies selling custom blinds on the Internet. Now, there are a plethora of them ready and willing to help you order. And, the same has become a reality for other items and the parts that make them up.  Isn’t the Internet great!

We hope you find this DIY trend an awesome opportunity to make your life easier in that you can custom order various goods, parts quickly and conveniently.

Thanks for helping this trend continue as you support the various businesses like us on the www.

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