Horizontal FAQ

General / Common Questions

Q: Is replacing slats and / or valances hard to do?

A: Replacing valances is usually very easy. For outside mount blinds, you can usually mount the valance clips and valance without removing the blind.  For inside mount blinds, you usually have to remove the blind to replace the clips, then you can mount the valance.

Although a little more difficult, replacing blind slats is still fairly easy for the average person who can do household repairs. We recommend viewing our Instructions page before ordering to see if it’s something you want to do.

Q: Will your slats and valances match those on my blind?

A: Possibly, but probably not exactly. Styles, color dye lots, and materials change and vary over time and by manufacturer. We recommend ordering FREE samples first to ensure you are satisfied with any variance. Please view our Color / Measurement / Materials Disclaimers page for more information.

Q: Can Faux Wood Slats be substituted for Wood Slats?

A: We do not recommend faux wood as a substitute for wood. While the are the same size and will replace wood slats, they are NOT as ridged and might sag, as wood blinds are usually made with less ladder strings which support the blind slats.

Q: Can I get the exact same slats or valances my blind originally came with?

A: Possibly, but only if you can find a dealer of that product so they can custom order them for you. We DO NOT do that. What we do is provide several common styles, colors, and material choices for slats and valances that can be used for repair / replacement. Keep in mind that the material is often sourced from the same manufacturers, so many brands might use the same slat / valance material.

Q: Are there any other parts that would need to be replaced while replacing a valance?

A: Valance clips need to be replaced most of the time when replacing a valance, which is why we include the amount needed with every valance order. Other than the valance clips, there shouldn’t be any other parts needed.

Q: I see you offer side returns that are specific sizes – can I get a custom side return size?

A: Yes! We can do a custom side return between 1/2″ and 4″. Please choose one of the available side return options, then, you can add a note on the Checkout Page stating the exact size you need. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Q: Are there any other parts that would need to be replaced while replacing blind slats?

A: Possibly. We recommend an assessment of the lift string, ladder string, bottom buttons, or anything else which may be worn, brittle, broken or in need of replacement. We do not carry those items due to the number of possibilities and variations of them. However, we do recommend Fix My Blinds, as they carry the widest variety of blind repair parts. Please take stock of what you need before you order to ensure the job can be completed to your satisfaction.

Q: How do I determine if it’s worth replacing slats or valances, or replacing the whole blind?

A: You can determine that in a few different ways, let’s examine 2. First – in the economic sense, it can be considerably cheaper to replace a few slats than the whole blind.  Second, it can be much easier and quicker to repair a blind rather than replace a whole blind. For your best results, examine both options to see which makes sense to you!

Q: Will the route holes line up exactly with my existing slats?

A: If you follow our measuring instructions, any variance should be within 1/16″ – which will allow for good fit and function of the blind. Also, any slight variance in route hole placement will not be noticeable when the blind is re-assembled. If you require all of the slats to match, you will need to purchase all new slats at the same time, or buy a new blind as there is no way to guarantee a ‘perfect’ measurement match unless slats are manufactured at the same time.

A: I placed my order but did not receive a confirmation or receipt, how can I get one.

Q: A invoice / receipt is automatically generated and emailed upon ordering, there will also be a receipt from the payment, and a receipt when the product ships with tracking information. If you did not receive any of these, check your junk or spam folder in your email program. Chances are, they will be found there. If not, please contact us and we will resend them.

Production / Shipping Questions

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: Once the order is placed, you can expect to receive your order in approximately 5 – 10 business days, or 1 – 2 weeks. Tracking information will be sent via email after the order has been shipped. Please visit our Shipping Info page for more information.

Q: What are your shipping charges?

A: Please visit our Shipping Info page for more information.

Return / Warranty Questions

Q: Do your products have a warranty?

A: Yes, they do! Please visit our Warranty page.

Q: Can I return slats and / or valances if they are mis-ordered?

A: Because these products are made according to the ordered specifications, they are not returnable for refund or alteration. However, we do offer a generous discount to re-order mis-ordered products. Please visit our Warranty page, which includes our Re-order / Replacement policy.

Measure / Install Questions

Q: How do I measure and install slats?

A: Visit our Instructions Page for easy to follow instructions.

Q: How do I measure and install valances?

A: If you are measuring for an inside mount valance, you’ll just measure your existing valance, or the  inside of the window frame. Then round down to the nearest 1/8″. If you are measuring for an outside mount valance with side returns, you measure and use the measurement between the side returns. Or, you can measure the width of the blind and add 1/2″ for clearance. Visit our Instructions page for more detailed instruction.

Vertical FAQ

Order / Option Questions

Q: What size vanes do your headrails accept? vertical blind vane slat standard width size three and one half inches

A: All of our headrails are for standard 3 ½” vanes.

Q: Are mounting brackets included with my order?

A: Yes, mounting brackets are included – choose either Outside Mount (wall mount), or Inside Mount (ceiling mount).

Q: When my vanes are attached to your headrail, how much further down will they hang? Gap-HR-to-Vane

A: They will hang down an extra 1 ½”, which is fairly standard.  Mounting brackets add an extra 1/8” to how far the vanes will hang, which is also fairly standard.  This size can vary slightly, so please allow for 1/8″ tolerance.

Q: What is the difference between Inside and Outside mount?

A: The differences are; with Inside Mount we send bracket clip that will mount up into a frame, or ceiling. With Outside Mount we the same bracket clips attached to an ‘L’ bracket, which allows for mounting on a wall.

Q: Do I need to tell you how many slats / vanes I have?

A: No, we will build your headrail with the standard amount of vanes based on the width of the headrail. To see how many vanes that will be, go to any headrail product page and click on the Vane Carrier Charts tab to the right of the Description.

Q: What vane hole size / shape is needed for my vanes to attach to the vane carriers on your headrail?

vertical blind vane slat mounting holes size shape and measurements

A: Our vane carriers (on the headrail) are standard and require a standard rectangle hole found on most vertical vane slats. The hole is approximately 1/4″ from top and is 5/16″ wide and 1/8″ high.  Slight variations within 1/16th of an inch, either way, are acceptable.

Q: Do I need to tell you what side I need the control on?

A: No, our headrails are the same on the front and back face, so they can be installed either way.

Q: What is the difference between the Super-Vue and the Ultra-Vue headrail? G71---G98-Diffs-SM

A: Both are high quality headrails from Graber. The main differences are, the Super-Vue has a bigger rail and components and is considered more commercial. The Ultra-Vue is slimmer, with a tighter carrier stem spacing for maximum view when vanes are drawn open.

Q: Can I order a headrail that stacks to one side, and have the control on the other?

A: Yes, we can do that!  It’s called a reverse, or opposite stack. It is fairly rare, so that’s why we don’t put it in the order process. Under the order options on each headrail order page, you will make the Control Side opposite from the Vane Stack Location.

Q: Can I order the controls different that your standard choices?

A: Yes! Please include a note under ‘Order Notes’ during the checkout process.

Q: Will my existing valance fit on your headrail?

A: If you have a standard Dust Cover Valance, we offer valance clips you can purchase for our headrails. We DO NOT guarantee that the valance clips that will work in attaching your valance. Please click here to read more information on valances. If you have any questions or need mounting advice, please send us pictures and your questions by visiting our Contact Page – CLICK HERE

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Q: Will your  vertical slats / vanes match those on my blind?

A: Possibly, but probably not exactly. Styles, color dye lots, and materials change and vary over time and by manufacturer. We recommend ordering FREE samples first to ensure you are satisfied with any variance. Please view our Color / Measurement / Materials Disclaimers page for more information.

Production / Shipping Questions

Q: How long will it take to receive my headrail or slats?

A: Once the order is placed, you can expect to receive your headrail in 8 – 21 business days. For more shipping information, click here.

Return / Replace /  Warranty Questions

Q: What is your return / replacement policy?

A: We have a straightforward return / replacement policy along with a generous policy for mis-ordered items. Please click here to view our policy.

Q: Do your headrails have a warranty?

A: Yes, they do! Please click here to view our warranty.

Operation / Install Questions

Q: How do I keep the slats on my vertical blind from becoming mis-aligned?

A: Always remember to tilt the slats open before you retract your vertical blind. Also, it’s important to keep the blind open when the door or window is open.  If it’s left closed, the wind can catch it and break or mis-align slats.

Q: How do I remove the vanes on my vertical blind? How to Remove Vertical Blind Vanes Example

A: Follow this process:

Q: What tools do you recommend for ordering and mounting a headrail?

A: Basic household tools are needed such as; a steel tape measure, a screwdriver set, a cordless drill and a drill / driver set, fasteners to attach the brackets, and wall anchors (if needed).

Q: How do I install my new headrail?

A: You can find all of our vertical blind instructions here.


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